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(530)891-5563    Call for a free estimate today!                                                                                                                                                              As a longtime Chico local I am proud    to be the only paint company I know of in Chico to have a 10 year guarantee on all exterior jobs I do! Click on the link in the above menu for more info.

                                                   I never ask for money up front.

For most jobs, I take full payment after the job is complete and the customer is satisfied. On larger jobs, like a commercial building or a very large house that is going to take two weeks to paint, I might ask for a draw during the job if I need it to make payroll.

                       In that case, I will only take a draw that works

to the owners advantage.  If I need a draw and I am 75% finished with the job, I might ask for a 50% draw. If I need money half way through the job then I might ask for a 25% draw. But like I said, for most jobs I never take a dime until we are finished and you are satisfied.


                     When my company starts a paint                       job we are on that job everyday until the job is completed. I have a small crew of  skilled journeyman house painters who are courteous and easy to work with. You will not find trash or paint materials laying around the premises at the end of a work day. You will not hear any radios blasting.  


            You will not find cigarette butts on the ground. 

You will not be asked for a drink of water or to use your bathroom. And you will not hear foul language. What you will find are workers who are eager to please and willing to work with you to address any special concerns you have. Keeping you happy and giving you the very best paint job possible is our only concern.

                                           I  would  like to take this  opportunity                                     to explain to you the many advantages of hiring my company to paint your house, rental, or commercial property. I have been doing business in and around Chico since the seventies and during those years I have learned all aspects of, and perfected, the fine art of house painting. We pay close attention to every detail of the paint job.


                 From start to finish every step of the paint job

is important from preparation to application as well as the products that are used. Any mistakes along the way can cause problems that take extra time to correct later. Mistakes might happen now and then, as they can with anybody working on a house, but the important thing to know is that you will not pay a cent until they are corrected.

Thank you again for visiting my website and please check out the following links to get a better understanding of how my company operates and what we have to offer over our                                                                     competition. 

"I Do The Job Right!" -Joe Shaw

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chico painting contractors

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